Wrap Conveyor

Wrap conveyor that wraps and carries scattered things. It is appearance of the pipe conveyor that uses the resin conveyor belt.

Mixing the load spill and the foreign body is shut out

Pipe conveyor debut that adopted resin conveyor belt from Road Engineering. To wrap with the belt that rounds the transportation thing like the pipe and to carry, the load spill under transportation and neither scattering nor the foreign body are mixed. The belt conveyor that can correspond to PL and HACCP in recent years. Moreover, upper and lower, right and left tune transportation is possible.

It becomes easy to work the cleaning

The problem the scattered thing is transported is a main body of the conveyor and surrounding cleaning work so far. The cleaning work can be done in a short time, and a clean working environment can be kept in case of the wrap conveyor that doesn't spill the transportation thing.

The wrap conveyor is the best for the road so

The wrap conveyor is the best for direct transportation such as the miso, the soy sauce, sake, the wine bread, the cake, and coffee of the raw material (processing bean, coffee bean, sake rice, miso, grain, fruits, and various fine particles) in the food manufacturing process.