Advanced magnet technology was applied to the CLIPVEYOR prodcuts

Two drive units, each coupled with a chain of strong magnets to exert an additional gripping force, are positioned so as to grip the conveyor belt firmly - a powerful direct drive system, like that of a bulldozer

Because the driving force can be directly transmitted to the conveyor belt, smooth and powerful conveyance can be realized even in a situation where the belt surface becomes very slippery. By driving the conveyor belt through a surface contact, a load on the conveyor belt can be reduced, and the driving force can be transmitted to the conveyor belt efficiently without losses.

The CLIPVEYOR products are structurally designed to prevent meandering or coming off of the conveyor belt and allow easy attaching and detaching of the conveyor belt at the same time.

The curved type CLIPVEYOR delivers stable conveying performance even if used in an environment where it is repeatedly exposed to water, powder or oil. It is also easy to maintain.

Feature of the curved type Clipveyor

More powerful and stable conveyance at a corner section

The curved type CLIPVEYOR is provided with three drive units, each coupled with a chain of strong magnets, to ensure a firm engagement between the conveyor belt and the drive units so that if a conveyance operation is performed in exposure to water, powder or oil, the conveyor belt can be prevented from sagging. This design allows the curved type CLIPVEYOR to achieve a much higher work effciency even if the capacity of motors in the drive units are the same as that of motors in existing conveyor models.

Easy detaching of the conveyor belt

Although the curved type CLIPVEYOR is designed with the clip drive method and the mechanism of three drive units working interlocked with each other, it is also designed for easy and quick detaching of the conveyor belt to allow washing of the conveyor body and easy maintenance.

Frame material selectable to suit a specific operation environment: A steel frame or a stainless steel frame

In addition to a steel frame, a rust- and stain-resistant stainless steel frame is available. The most appropriate frame can be selected with consideration of the type of object to be conveyed, line environment and/or available budget.