Gear Motor

How it works?

The Cyclo speed reducing system is based on an ingeniously simple principle that offers many benefits. The speed reducer has only three major moving parts:

As the input shaft and eccentric cam rotate, it rolls the cycloid discs around the internal circumference of the stationary ring gear. The resulting action is similar to that of a wheel rolling around the inside of a ring. As the cycloid disc travels in a clockwise path around the ring, the wheel itself turns slowly on its own axis in the opposite (counter clockwise) direction.

Because of the curved, cycloidal profile of the cycloid disc, it progressively engages with the rollers of the ring gear housing to produce a reverse rotation at reduced speed. For each complete revolution of the high speed shaft, the cycloid disc turns one cycloidal "tooth" in the opposite direction. The reduced rotation of the cycloid disc is transmitted to the slow speed output shaft to provide - speed reduction.

Why it's better?

The smooth, progressive rolling action of the cycloidal disc speed reduction mechanism eliminates friction and the pressure points of conventional gears. All of the Cyclo's torque transmitting components roll, and are symmetrically placed around the shafts for prefectly balanced, smooth vibration free and quiet operation. Because the components are in compression, they cannot shear off like traditional gear teeth.

Additionally, sumitomo uses high-hardness, bearing grade steel for all ratio-sensitive components. These exceptionally high, inherent material specifications ensure long-life and reliable operation.