Conveyor Belt

Since Bando Sunline Belt was launched in 1973, it has been enjoying the popularity in various fields. This time, we established our brand-new product, FMS-Famous(Food, Material, Special) FMS effectively meets different requirements from our customers because it is easy to choose and manage to meet the customer needs efficiently.

The basic features of our New Sunline belt (FMS) are anti-bacteria, resistance against mildew and non-fray construction, which are able to fulfill the unique requirements of food processing line.

In order to fulfill different requirements from different industries, we offer a wide range of belt that consists the feature of non-sticky, humidity, super anti-static, oil resistance and heat resistance. Beside, our belt is allowed to wash by hot water, applied at "trough" conditions, and also suitable for steep inclined processing line.

Non-frayed (frayed-edge-proof belt)

Reduce the foreign substance by mixing into the conveyance products

Which fabric is coated by special adhesive finishing, reduces fray at the edge so that you will face few problems of mixing foregin substance into products.

Easy to do the maintenance

When reduce the fray at the edge it will avoid the problem of snaked run.


Fulfill the provision of notification No.370 published by the Ministry of Heath, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Easy to clean the surface

The surface is made by the non-adhesive surface. Thus, the remaining food on the surface is easy to clean.

Comparison of damage at edge

(Duration: 7 months)
Based on conveyance test at laboratory

Normal BeltNormal Belt

Non-Fray-Edge BeltNon-fray-edge proof belt

Anti-bacteria and resistance against the mildew

It against the spread of the bacteria, resistance against the mildew type.

Anti-bateria ability

Tested bacteria : colon bacillus
After the inoculation the bacteria amount: 250,000
35°C * after 24 hours : left bellow 10

Against the mildew ability

When through the test that based on the JIS Z 2911 (5 kinds of bateria is being used)
After the 28 days of cultivation: the bacteria growth decrease until 1/4 of them.


Fulfill the provision of Notification No.370 published by the Ministry of Heath, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Comparison of Anti-bacteria

Before TestingBefore Testing

Anti-bacteria BeltAnti-bacteria Belt (After Testing)

Normal BeltNormal Belt (After Testing)

Belt for heavy duty industries

  • Heat Resistant Belt
  • Hight Heat, Abrasion Resistant (Black) EPR
  • High Heat Standard (Black) EPR
  • Medium Heat (Black) EPT
  • Medium Heat (White) EPR
  • High Heat Standard (Black) IIR
  • Low Heat Standard (Black) SBR
  • Low Heat Abrasion Resistance (Black) SBR
  • Low Heat Standard (White) SBR
  • Oil Resistant Belt
  • Heavy Oil Resistant
  • Light Oil Resistant
  • Light Oil Resistant (White)
  • Vertical Conveyor Belt
  • Non Stick Belt
  • Aramid Belt

Belt for light & medium duty industries

  • Curve Belt
  • General-purpose Belt
  • Heat-resistant Belt
  • Super anti-static Belt
  • Belt for cleaning and sterilization processes
  • Belt for inclined line
  • Oil resistance belt
  • Belts for steep inclinations
  • Sliding Belt
  • Low-noise belt
  • Belt with cleats and V-guide
  • Seamless Belt
  • Plastic modular belt
  • Wire mesh

Belt For Inclination "Mr.Climber"


We can solves the constrained of load slip for you. (Don't you have such problem?)

This new product was developed after analyzing previous load slip cases which reflected the following behavious. There are cases of load slipping happened due to the loss of power grip when over exposed to sunlight, dirt pollution of belt damaged and etc. These are the common example of the lost of power grip.

If you have a constrained of load slip now, and if you are going to install a new belt conveyor in a future and if you are reminded with such a case, by all means please consider our new product.

The stimulation by the environment

The belt is exposed to the sun.
- Belt surface resin stiff occur and power grip decline.(It would decline slowly even if it doesn't get direct sun light.)

The belt gets exhausted from dirt pollution from car or others.

There is dust from outside.
- The belt surface starts to be dirty and then the grip decline.

Adhesion items on the conveyor

Adhesion paper powder from cap board, book, newspaper.

Adhesion wax from adhesion tape for stop the box and vanity 11 box.

Adhesion wax from suitcase luster finishing.

Adhesion mechanical oil from machinery.
- When dirt occurs on the surface of the belt, power grip decline.

A damaged belt

Depending on the shape of the belt, the tip will be damaged and the power grip decline thus the conveyor is heavy and the corner is drawn up.